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Hi all! We’ve gained a lot of new followers, and because Amber shared some fun information last post, I figured I would share a little more about myself, too! We’ll see if you find it interesting or not! Ha!

  • I’ve lived in Washington since I was 2 and grew up with my mom, dad, and sister. My sister is 3 years old, and we’re best friends. Our kids are within 2 years of each other, too, so that makes it even more fun. 
  • My husband and I just celebrated our 9-year wedding anniversary, after 2 years of dating. I met him a month after I turned 21 at a wood-paneled dive bar in Bellingham called The Ranch Room.
  • I’ve never had a hamburger. I’ve had one bite of red meat in my life; and got $10 out of it! I cook ground beef meals for my husband but have never had a burger, taco, or steak.
  • My kids’ first and middle names are from both sides of our family. They're not the kind of names that get passed down generation after generation, but we liked having some meaning behind the names. 
  • In my college education program we had to take Music in Education, and the final involved playing the recorder. No big deal, but after finishing the song my professor suggested that I consider taking the recorder further. Needless to say I did not pursue that avenue.
  • I love musicals. I grew up with cassette tapes of Cabaret and a Chorus Line (what was my mom thinking with that content!), and just can’t stop smiling when I watch them.
  • I’ve started the journey to “cozy minimalism” by purging our closets, simplifying our décor, and bringing less stuff into our home. It’s hard with kids, but I’ve found that I already feel calmer and don’t miss anything that I’ve donated so far. Maybe I’ll share more once I’m “done.”
  • I worked at Arby's for about a year in college, and I LOVED it. I made a lot of good friends there (most that attended the same University) and the shifts went by fast. Even though they don't open until 10 am, I got to come in at 7 to start cooking the roasts, then I'd prep all the meat portions, veggies, and salads before opening. 
  • The only injury I’ve had is a cut on my chin that required stitches when I was 5. I didn’t get hurt from doing something athletic or adventurous, I was skipping along a wet driveway in tap shoes with my hands inside my shirt and fell. My mom took me to my dad’s work before taking me to urgent care to see if he thought it was worth the expense. My dad stayed with me when I got stitches but ended up fainting so I had to give up my bed to him.
  • My mom is totally a trend setter, and she doesn't even know it! She's been rocking chambray shirts for years, she's been eco-friendly long before it was hip to be green. and she practiced Faux Calligraphy decades before it became Insta-popular! When she was young she bought a calligraphy book and would color in the thick parts (because she didn't have a calligraphy pen) just like many hand-letterers do today! 
(this isn't my mom, this is Food Network chef Ina Garten. But my mom would never let me post a picture of her, and she looks pretty similar - Chambray and all!)

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