10(ish) Things You Probably Don’t Know About Amber

Hey there! If you have been following our blogs and/or read our “About Us” section of our shop, you already know a little bit about me…I’m from California, moved to Washington where my husband grew up, we have a 3 year old daughter, a son on the way, and two crazy/adorable dogs. I LOVE chocolate chip cookies, sunshine, and dancing. I would say I am pretty organized overall, and I like routines and a good system of organization. I consider myself a pretty regular gal, but I thought I’d share some short little tidbits (okay fine, some of them are quirks) about myself so you know me a little bit more!

  • I recently shared this with Lindsay and a few other friends, but I REALLY don’t like watermelon. I know, I know, who doesn’t like watermelon? Me. We went camping a few weeks back and I decided to be an A+ wife and mother and get some watermelon for my family since they enjoy it. Big mistake. As I was cutting it up I realized my dislike for this fruit goes much deeper than the taste- it’s the smell, the juice, and the texture. YIKES.
  • While we are talking about my weird food dislikes, raw red onion is my literal NIGHTMARE. It is probably the worst possible thing I can imagine being surprised with. Like, taking a bite of something and not knowing there is raw red onion in it is terrifying!
  • Some things I have done in life for over 5 years:
  • Played soccer- I started playing in first grade (I think), played all the way through high school, and dabbled here and there in adult leagues until I got pregnant with my daughter in 2014.
  • Worked in the restaurant industry- I got my first restaurant job at 16 and quit the restaurant biz at 25. I was in for a consecutive 9 years and only worked in 3 different restaurants! Applebee’s was my last restaurant job and I was there over 5 years! (Shout out to my Applebuds!)
  • Went to college- because adulting is hard. I started at a community college, transferred to San Diego State, and graduated from Cal Poly Pomona. BARELY.
  • Worn a toe ring- Yep. You read that right. I got a custom fitted toe ring in Huntington Beach when I was in middle school. I have taken it off once.
  • I love the Twilight series and have never read (or seen) Harry Potter. #teamjacob
  • Back to food… I have no control over cookies and fudge. I will eat and eat and eat them until they’re gone. But this is very specific. It MUST be chocolate chip cookies and plain fudge. NO NUTS, and no other shenanigans in there. If there are any other kind of cookies (regular Oreos is the ONLY exception) or fudge, they can sit in front of me all day long and I won’t touch them. I like to make the calories I eat meaningful.
  • I am most productive at night. Always have been, and because of #momlife, I probably always will be.
  • I have not one, but TWO handfuls of girlfriends that will be my friends for life. I call them my lifebuds and I have known all of them for over 10 years. If that isn’t #blessed, I don’t know what is. I genuinely couldn’t be more grateful to have them in my life.
  • I am really weird about toenails falling off. When I was very young, my uncle competed in the Ironman in Hawaii. I got to go, and I have about 3 memories from the whole trip. One of those memories is the family packing up to leave, and my uncle kicking a big box of gear into the back of the rental car, which made his toenail come almost completely off. I asked to see it (why, self, WHYYYYY???!!!) and have been traumatized by what I saw ever since. Before my husband and I got married, I was playing soccer and had my toe smashed by an opponent, which resulted in a good chunk of my toenail being damaged. My husband joked about ripping it off and I started to get real sweaty and cry. Is toenail PTSD a thing?
  • I currently own my dog soul mate. She was gifted to me by my college roommates and I will never have another dog as special as Madison.
  • I am a hoarder of gift bags and tissue paper. If you give me something in one, there is something inside of me that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me to throw it away. The only deal breaker is if it gets ripped, then I trash it. But I have a giant Rubbermaid tote full of gift bags and a separate box of tissue paper. I started to throw them away once, and immediately took them out of the trash bag I had started to put them in.

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