Amber Turns 33!

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This week I turned 33 years old! Yay! At 33, your birthday is generally filled with normal-day things. I often forget my birthday is even coming until someone else mentions it. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wake up feeling a little different and a little more excited about the day! But, like I said, it was mostly a normal day for me. You know, sometimes you plan for things (like showers) and it doesn’t work out like you thought (didn’t shower), or your running late, or whatever. Life. But I couldn’t help but feel this overwhelming sense of happiness and gratitude, and maybe it was because I woke up on the very right and very bright side of the bed, but everything about my birthday day was a delight, even if it wasn’t in my original plan for the day. So, I felt compelled to share all the wonderful things I am grateful for in my 33rd year of life.

My husband and my kids. My husband’s smile is like, the best. And when he genuinely laughs at something funny, I am in love all over again! It makes me smile just thinking about him smiling! He’s also an incredibly hard worker, a risk-taker when I’m not, and a safe bet when I’m feeling risky. Also, if there was ever a zombie apocalypse, we’d be safe- he’s quite the outdoorsman! Our kids are the little lights of my life! Their laughter makes my heart full, and their triumphs and victories make my heart burst! With them everything is sweeter, funnier, brighter, newer, lovelier, more fun, more interesting, more emotional, and more meaningful.

My family. I am so lucky to have my mom, dad, and sister. One of my favorite things with my dad is when people say we look alike! I love this so much because he is technically my “step” dad, but I never thought the stereotype of that title ever fit our situation or relationship. He’s my dad, and I’m his favorite daughter (yah, I said favorite!). I also love when he would give me a little wink or high-five after I’d knock people over in soccer, because who doesn’t want someone to celebrate your tiny moments of bad-assery as a kid, right?! What could I possibly say about my sister that could even start to describe my feelings for her? Basically, she is how I knew I wanted my daughter to have a sibling. Because I cannot imagine life without her. For me, having that person that goes through your entire life with you, and is obligated to wear matching clothes with you is super special. If those childhood photos don’t create a special bond, I don’t know what will! Special shout out to my mom. Do we even need an explanation here? Moms make the world go ‘round! And nobody loves like a mom does.

All of my friends, near and far, new and old! My life-buds! Friendship is something I have always treasured. I want to shout on the top of a mountain about how wonderful my friends are! My girlfriends are my life lines, my go-to’s, my keepers of secrets and my live savers! Also the people I celebrate all my wins with, big or small, and the people who know me at my worst but still love me the fiercest! Girlfriends fill your cup! Having a sister that is also a best friend is like, the world’s best combo. Oh and add having kids at the same time and its basically perfection. I think that’s an actual math formula: sister + best friend + kids at the same(ish) time = perfection. The same goes for best friends who are basically sisters. #winning

My dogs, Madison and Minnie. How can they be so happy about everything, all the time, no matter what?! Dogs are too good for us!

My extended family and support system. I love and miss all my California family. And when I get to see them it is always a treat! I have wonderful memories of all our huge family get togethers and traditions- lots of smiles and laughter! I just realized that every person I think of, when I get a mental picture of them in my mind, every single person is either smiling or laughing! And I am super grateful for my husband’s family, who all rallied so dang hard to get me situated after my move to Washington while my husband was deployed. And they love my children so much! There is nothing like the people you love loving on your kids.

My sweet, little business. What a treat this shop has turned out to be! Not only do I get to do something I love, but I get to do it with somebody who I actually like to spend time with! Sure, a lot of our meetings end up more fun-sy than business-y, but we get to drink coffee and eat snacks so its never a loss! It is honestly been amazing seeing growth from when we started, and it has been so wonderful to be able to have a partner in the same stage in life. One of my favorite memories will always be our first show when we had two kids under 1 that stayed with us the entire show- through set-up and tear-down! It felt so crazy at the time, but we were so proud that we did it!

Coffee. I don’t care what you say about this because I’m going to take a minute to praise the coffee gods for the free drink Starbucks gives you on your birthday, and the fact that there’s a drive-thru on my route to preschool! *Hallelujah!* And praise those same gods for my perky barista who gave me a little shout when I told him it was my birthday!

Sunny days. It doesn’t have to be hot, warmth is a bonus, but I love when the sunshine shines through our windows and that natural light and warmth floods the room.

2000s hip hop stations. Nothing can turn a crabby mood or lame spring cleaning session around like some good old high school/college booty-shaking music! I’m looking at you, Ludacris, Missy Elliot, and Lil’ Wayne!

Washing my hair. And also not washing my hair. So, if you get to wash your hair every day, I am super happy for you! I don’t. And I am okay with that, because 1. I don’t need to and that’s pretty sweet. I can go quite a few days without getting greasy. Also, I’ve convinced myself a mom-bun looks good on me. And 2. I don’t have that opportunity. Or other things top hair washing. Like more sleep. But also, when I do wash my hair, I am like a new person! So fresh and so fancy! Sounds like I have a win-win on my hands!

I have so much to be grateful for. So much more than what is even here! I am so very lucky. And I love that even though my 33rd year started out with a day full of “normal-day” things, I know that all those things are wonderful things. 33 is going to be good!

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