Back to School!


August is already almost over, and we’ve been in full-on summer mode here at The Lemon Tree House! The beauty of a small business is being able to step back when needed and hustle when you’re feeling motivated. The time has come to get back on a schedule; both boys will be attending school in some form next year: Emerson is headed to Kindergarten (cue the tears), and Webb will be attending Preschool on M/W/F, 9:15-11:30.

With Emerson transitioning to Kindergarten and a new school, AND with a new baby coming this December, our schedule will be changing drastically. I don’t know exactly how this is going to go, but I figure that everyone else before us has managed just fine, so we will too! In this blog post I’d like to share what I have planned so far to set us up for success when the school year begins! And please, share any other secrets and tips you’ve got!


Night-Before and Morning Routine


We haven’t had to regularly pack a lunch before and we also need to be out the door earlier this year. I’d like to have clothes picked out the night before and Emerson’s lunch packed. Depending on what the boys end up liking for breakfast, I am wondering if I can get any of that ready the night before. Either way, this small planning will make our mornings a lot smoother.


After School

One of Emerson’s jobs this year will be to make sure he brings his backpack and lunch box upstairs to the Kitchen each day. I am guilty of forgetting them in the car and this will make it a lot harder to remember packing a lunch/filling out forms/doing homework. 


I’ve also seen a lot of great printables for after school routines that I’d like to adapt for our household. Nothing too strict, but an easy checklist where the boys have certain expectations to complete before we have screen time. With being pregnant and not having a schedule, it’s been easy to let the boys plop down and watch TV without holding them accountable for other “duties.” This is definitely a goal for me as we kick off the year!


Mommy’s Routine

I had a pretty good routine going with getting up before the kids and getting ready for the day, but I feel out of that in the last year and I’d like to get back to it. Granted, I know everything will fall apart when the baby comes but I’d like to get up early in the Fall.


If I can get ready, get the boys’ breakfasts ready, and have breakfast while checking my planner I know our day will go more smoothly. When I’ve also had time to empty the dishwasher, start the laundry, or get another chore done it tends to motivate me for the rest of the day as well.


I also want to continue to meal plan because that’s been so much less stressful than trying to figure out dinner each night (and we eat out less this way!). I have gotten pretty used to grocery shopping on Mondays, and both boys will be in school at this time so I’m debating using grocery pick-up so that I can maximize my alone time. Otherwise I may switch shopping to Tuesdays.


None of this is very inventive, but it’s what I’ve got going on so far. What else do you do to make sure weekdays run smoothly, I want to know!

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