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In her last post, Amber wrote about the relatively new (at least new to us) concept of a word of the year. The intention with these is to let a word guide your year in all aspects of life rather than creating specific resolutions. Read about her word here

I was never big on resolutions. On New Year's Eve my husband and I usually summarize our year and talk about our goals for the following year in all aspects of our life: our health, our individual goals, in our careers, with our kids, with our marriage, our finances, etc. It somewhat guided us but we never really followed through much. 

I had heard of a word of the year before and liked the idea of it but hadn't implemented it until speaking more with Liz (Soul Mantras) and Amber. Looking at Liz's jewelry at Paper Luxe, I was immediately drawn to the word Here. I had to think about it more but ended up ordering a Secret Message Bracelet. It fit into every aspect of life, and has really helped me re-focus each month as I reflect on how "Here" I've been. 

There are so many of us who are accustomed to constantly multitasking. Our society has glorified "busy" and I've never agreed with the belief that being double-booked and over-extended means you're more successful or cooler. I also don't think we can do anything 100% when we live this way. Part of why I stopped teaching when I had kids was because I felt like I'd fail at my job and as a parent. 

Now, here I am running a small business, managing our household, and raising two beautiful boys who are growing up too quickly. And in 2017 I felt like I was barely treading water in all aspects. While my kids played I would try to work on orders, and our house was messier than I prefer. Then, I'd blink and my kids looked older and I felt like I had missed out on a period in their life. Looking back, this wasn't logically true - most of my days are spent finding things to do with them, places to take them, and playing together. But I just felt like my mind was all over the place. 

So this year I am committing to more separation between all the balls we, as moms, juggle. While I still multitask when the kids are (miraculously) playing independently, I have committed to make sure that's not the majority of the time. Three months into the year I feel like it's going well. Each month's end I've used the "Goal Check-In and Reflection" page of my planner to summarize how I'm doing and re-focus my energy. It's helped me to see that I need to be "here" with my husband, too, and not just my kids. It's helping me to spend more intentional time on my business and prioritize my time better. It's helping me to do things that fulfill me personally, like fixing up our house or learning a new skill. 

Do you have a word that you're drawn to? It's something you can start any time of the year if you feel like you need more direction with how you're leading your life. Let us know what word(s) resonate with you! 

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