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Hi everyone! I am SUPER excited to be here…writing a blog on my own website! If you would’ve told me a year ago this would be happening, I would not believe you! But things happen and the stars align just right and you just GO FOR IT! My name is Amber, by the way, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for the future!

I feel like the first thing I tell people about myself is that I am originally from California (since I don’t live in California anymore). And I miss it! I love the nearly year-round 80 degree weather, being by the beach, mountains, and desert, San Diego, and Huntington Beach! I also still have some family there, including my sister and her family, and a bunch of the world’s greatest friends! I now live in Tacoma, WA with my husband, daughter, and two pups. My husband, Cam, and I have been married since 2011. We met when he was stationed in San Diego in the Navy. We moved to Washington in 2012 to my husband’s home town and we have been here ever since. We had our daughter, Finley, in June of 2015 and she is my little pal!  I am lucky to be able to stay at home with her so we get to spend our days together. My two dogs are also my pals. They are so much fun! I’ve had Madison, a rescue dog from Tecate, Mexico, since before I met my husband, and we got Minnie, a black lab, together. Minnie was actually part of the proposal when Cam asked me to marry him!

I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona after attending San Diego State and Riverside Community College. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, which still deeply fascinates me. I spent 9 years of my life serving in restaurants, which was crazy but I met so many great people! I also grew up playing soccer and played about 19 years total. These days I like to go out to eat, relax in my home, and be with friends in my spare time.

But let’s be real, I’m a stay-at-home mom so my spare time is rare! I spend most on my time with Finley and we love spending time with friends, going to the zoo, seeing all the grandparents, and going to dance class! I have to tell you that a toddler in a leotard and tutu is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! We spend time at home too where Finley uses her imagination and plays with all her stuffed animals and in her kitchen. Girlfriend also loves to sing her little heart out into anything that she can make into a pretend microphone, including, my favorite, a plastic asparagus from her kitchen! It’s all a great way to spend our days together!

Speaking of little spare time, my husband runs his own construction business (yay for a home of entrepreneurs!) so he gets little free time to himself as well. He is a big hunter and fisherman up here in the PNW so when he does get some free time he loves to be outdoors. He'd prefer family days to be spent outside or with other family. He works hard for us and I so appreciate him!

I love that I am part of this small business with one of my first friends that I met here in Tacoma. It is so cool to see how far we have come in a short time. I love that we started making prints and cards, then decided to venture out into some notepads, then the next step was obviously notebooks, and then along came planners! I think what I am the most proud of is that we touch every piece of paper that goes into our products. We cut and glue and bind and package everything. If that isn’t putting love into our product, then I don’t know what is! We also do all of this in our own homes you can often hear the laundry running and a baby monitor going while I work in my office. But it’s my own space and I love that. Its all very personal.

I am so happy to be here and we appreciate all of you who have supported us and loved on us to get here. We hope you love what we are doing today and we hope that this journey continues to be one that we all love.

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  • Beth Carter-Pivovar on

    Congratulations Amber and Lindsey ! This is just wonderful and I hope success is eminent in your near future. Looking forward to seeing, feeling and buying some product!

  • TIffany on

    Love it! Love you.
    I’m so proud of all you e accomplished, and keeping Finley as your priority. You are a great mom and I knew all those superb notes you wrote me in high school would pay off . ;)

  • Cori Hansen on

    So excited for you both and happy to see how far you’ve come. Love your products and excited to see what new stuff you have to offer !! ?

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