What Happens When We Get An Order

Hey all! Happy September! I wanted to give you all a quick step-by-step look at what happens when we get an online order. I don’t know what it looks like for big businesses, Amazon warehouses would probably BLOW. MY. MIND! But this is what it looks like for our small, mom-owned business! Enjoy!

First, we get a fancy little ding on our phones and/or iPads to let us know we got new goodies to send out. Depending on what it is, Lindsay and myself split up who’s responsibility the order is. Part of how we divide up who gets what orders is based on the supplies we have. For example, I have the large padding press that I make notepads on, and Lindsay has the large binding machine to bind planners on. Therefore, notepads are my jam, and planners are hers!

Unless there is some customization to do, orders generally start off by being printed. We each have multiple printers and they each have their strengths and weaknesses, so we print accordingly. This varies between printing one piece of paper for single print and notecard orders, 50 pages for notepad orders, and up to 220 pages for planner orders.

Next is cutting. We cut prints, cards, notepads, calendars, and planners to their appropriate sizes. We also use different paper cutters for our products. We used to cut everything with small paper cutters that could cut about 5 pages each. These cutters are still very appropriate for prints and cards, but we got larger paper cutters that have been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made! We can cut entire notepads and planners at one time! Hallelujah!

After cutting, the processes are a little different for each product. Notecards get scored and placed with an envelope. Prints get stamped on the back with out signature logo. Notepads get a chipboard backing and are glued together. Planners and flip calendars have the most steps to completion. Flip calendars require the most cutting of any product we have. Planners get cut, tab pages get inserted, then they are put with the appropriate cover.

Once our items are fully assembled, we package our items so that they are delivered safely. This means rigid mailers, packing cardboard, padded envelopes, boxes, and bubble wrap! Items are weighed, address labels are printed, and off they go!

We have said this before, but I will say it again because I think it is so important to share- we literally touch every single piece of paper that we send out. We take pride in that because it means we took the time to create not only the design, but each individual product that goes out. We 100% pride ourselves on being a small, mom-owned business because that means that when we aren’t spending time with our families, we are working on getting products out and creating new things. That means naptime and bedtime hustles are so real for us. So the next time you have the opportunity to buy something from a small business, do it and know that it means so very much to the people you are supporting. I’m not here to diss Target or Amazon because, let’s be real, I love both of those super hard, but I love ordering party supplies and matching mommy daughter outfits from Etsy. I love working a craft show and spending nearly all of my earnings on other local makers’ goodies because I know they love what they do and that my purchase matters.

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