What Lindsay's Liking - 1st Edition

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I'd like to occasionally share things I'm enjoying; it's a fun way to get to know each other and discover different things. Leave a comment with something you're into right now!

5 Things I'm Liking



Crewneck sweatshirts. I feel like they are the perfect balance of wearing nearly-pajamas and looking casual-but-put-together. Currently I've been wearing this sweatshirt that's locally made (it's the name of a beach park a few minutes from us in Tacoma). The artist/owner was super great to work with (I ordered the wrong size), too, so check out his stuff or support your own local makers! I am so into things that show your city pride, and this one is so unique!


Tabletop Smores. I just made one of these (but with a tiki torch canister so I'm worried the flame will be too big...) and I can't wait to have the boys roast marshmallows this summer! Or maybe just John and I on a warm night. Or just me during naptime. I think these are just fun and cute to light for an evening! 

Missing Richard Simmons. I keep trying to get into inspirational or business-related podcasts, but I just enjoy the more story-like style of true crime/mystery series. I just listened to all 6 episodes of this one while I painted Emerson's room, and it was odd and interesting. 

Self-Care Stickers. I shared on social media that I've been getting back into the habit of using functional stickers in my planner, and this self-care pack needs to get added into the mix. I am feeling burnt out right now and am realizing that I need to have a little more me-time (meetings don't count!) before I get to this point. 

White Manicure. I really want to get some white gel nail polish, like this "I Strut, You Strut" from Red Carpet Manicure, which my sister opened my eyes to. If I do my nails correctly I can get about 2 weeks out of them! Do you think you need to be pretty tan to have white nails?? That's what's holding me back. 

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