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Worthy. I read this word on a pretty necklace and it hit me right in the gut. Courage, enough, brave, breathe, shine, joy, kind….so many inspirational words that make so much sense as great reminders in daily life. But worthy, that spoke to me. Liz stood there over her beautiful jewelry, colorful stones, and meaningful words and began to tell me about how she does a “word of the year”. This is in place of New Year resolutions because those can be really lofty goals that often get lost in the first few months of the year. Lose weight, be more organized, set up a house cleaning schedule, eat healthier, etc. All are wonderful goals and I wish I could take those on and that they would stick in my life all year long and beyond, but its hard! But a word of the year? That made SO MUCH SENSE to me. A word that you pick that you want to focus on, a reminder for you to do and/or be better, a source of inspiration- YES.

Lindsay and I had been invited to do a pop-up right before the holidays at a local shop that we LOVE. (Any local peeps heard of Paper Luxe?! So cute!!!) It was a small pop-up and there were a few other makers there with us, Liz being one of them. Liz is the owner and creator of Soul Mantras, where she makes beautiful and meaningful jewelry to remind you of what is important, and to remind you of the beauty around you. Her jewelry has inspirational words and sayings on them that you can make your own. You meet Liz and you instantly love her- she is a person you can just talk and talk and talk to. You immediately want to support what she does, follow her on social media, and go to coffee with her just so you can hear her wisdom and outlook on life. (Guys, follow her on social media. She’s so happy and posts the most wonderful things. Seriously, do it!) I stood there and looked at some of the other pieces and words that I thought were important, but worthy just made sense. Liz agreed that it was a special word and that was that- my word of the year for 2018 was worthy.

Check out Liz at Soul Mantras at https://soulmantras.com/

Worthy stuck out to me because I feel like there are so many times in life where we question what we’re feeling or doing. To me, worthy means deserving to feel your feelings, wanting better for yourself and doing your best to achieve that, and giving yourself grace. I feel like the grace part is huge for me, or at least at this point in my life. Parenthood has taught me a lot about grace because some days you just feel like you’re nailing it and the next day nobody gets out of their pajamas. My type-A personality thrives on routine and productivity but there’s nothing like a small human to remind you that you aren’t the boss. But giving myself grace saves me from creating more stress on myself and my daughter because no, not everything has to be perfect. I think having a daughter has made me realize how important worth is because I want so very badly for my daughter to know that she is special and that she deserves all the wonderful things this world has to offer. I want her to be strong and independent and kind, and to know that even though the world isn’t always kind, that she has worth and that she should surround herself with people who are going to respect that. And I think my 30s is teaching me about what I deserve. I deserve kindness and I deserve to feel my feelings and I deserve to surround myself with people who love and respect me. We all do. Worthy- this is the perfect word for my 2018.

Lindsay and I just really loved the idea of a word of the year. So much so that we changed our planners a bit to incorporate a word of the year and allow our planner users to reflect on their word throughout the year and in all aspects of their life. It’s just a great reminder to keep focused on what matters to you most and in a meaningful way. I bought a necklace from Liz that has worthy on it and I find myself planning outfits around it so that I can wear it almost every day. Which isn’t hard because it’s a great piece of jewelry! Lindsay got a bracelet with her word on it and we both have it in our planners. We even set a word of the year for our business! For us it just makes sense- we feel it and we picked what is meaningful and relevant to our lives now. If you’ve never heard of this idea before, I urge you to give it some thought. If you haven’t checked out Soul Mantras yet, you should because Liz’s messages just feel good. And if you haven’t felt worthy lately, remember to give yourself some grace and know that you deserve kindness and happiness.


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