Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journal
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Gratitude Journal

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*This cover comes with a black coil and silver corner protectors

Literally everyone needs an address book, and why not have an attractive one that supports a small business? We've got the perfect one for you! It's super functional with pockets and tons of space for contacts, a great size, and pretty enough to keep out in your office or command center. 

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- Adorable Cover, hand-lettered and designed by us! 
- Exterior measures 6” x 8.5” tall, the perfect size to join you wherever you go!
- 1” Double Coil, for a high-end finish
- Two Cover options:

1. Frosted Plastic – Cardstock front and back covers, layered with a thick frosted plastic to protect your planner, and a hard chipboard back to make for a semi-rigid planner
2. Hard Cover – Rigid Chipboard Front AND back covers with a coordinating inner lining and metal corner protectors

- 28-lb extra smooth paper for a high-quality look and feel, and minimal show-through
- Each last-name letter is separated by labeled tabbed dividers
- 3”x5” Clear Pockets inside the front and back covers to house stamps, addresses you need to add, etc. 

- Scalloped design separates each contact, and are color coordinated to the cover design. 

W H A T ‘ S   I N S I D E ?

- 26 tabbed sections, one for each letter of the alphabet

- For each last-name letter you get 2 pages front and back (4 writable sides), with 16 total spots for addresses. 

- Each space includes room for: Name, Address, Phone, Birthday, and a blank line for anything else you deem important

- In the back, there is a tab for "Important Dates," with boxes for January-December. House birthdays, anniversaries, anything else you'd like to see at a glance here! 

- Finally, there is a tab for Passwords, which ____ spots to keep the website name, username, and password so you can reference them quickly and easily!

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Our products are COMPLETELY created by us. We design them, buy the supplies we need, print them, cut them, punch and bind them, stamp them, package them, and ship them - just the 2 of us! We work hard to make every single product we produce, and there is so much love in each and every item. Know that when you buy from a small, mom-owned business, you are supporting someone who works very hard to share their passion with the world. Each time we are notified of an order, our day is made. Thank you.