Health Fitness Wellness Planner - Yes You Can
Health Fitness Wellness Planner - Yes You Can
Health Fitness Wellness Planner - Yes You Can
Health Fitness Wellness Planner - Yes You Can
Health Fitness Wellness Planner - Yes You Can
Health Fitness Wellness Planner - Yes You Can
Health Fitness Wellness Planner - Yes You Can
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Health Fitness Wellness Planner - Yes You Can

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We saw a hole in the market for afforable, all-encompassing wellness planners, and with the help of a fellow momboss who is a wellness coach, we created something that we think you'll love! Read below to see all the features we've packed into this one-year wellness planner! 

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Our line of planners are designed to give you structure and organization while still providing you room to be creative in how you use it. We view them as being similar to a bullet journal but with all the prep work done for you. We are proud of the unique layouts we contribute to what we know is a vast planner world! We hope that our planners fit your lifestyle and become something that easily becomes part of your routine. Our wellness planners are designed to go everywhere with you so that you can easily track your fitness, eating habits, sleep, and more! 

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- Adorable Cover, hand-lettered and designed by us! 
- Exterior measures 6” x 8.5” tall, the perfect size to join you wherever you go!
- 1” Double Coil, for a high-end finish
- Two Cover options:
1. Frosted Plastic – Cardstock front and back covers, layered with a thick frosted plastic to protect your planner, and a hard chipboard back to make for a semi-rigid planner
2. Hard Cover – Rigid Chipboard Front AND back covers with a coordinating inner lining and metal corner protectors

- 28-lb extra smooth paper for a high-quality look and feel, and minimal show-through
- Each month is separated by tabbed dividers, which are writable OR you can purchase monthly stickers separately (link above)
- 3”x5” Clear Pockets inside the front and back covers to house stickers, business cards, receipts, etc. 
- Undated – Start your planner any time of the year and fill in the months as you see fit! Getting healthy doesn’t always start in January!

W H A T ‘ S   I N S I D E ?


- Important information 
Word of the Year! Give yourself a consistent reminder of your overarching hope for the year
- 2-page spread for favorite meal ideas/recipes, with room for recording ____. That way, you don't have to recalculate them as you track your meals! 
- 2-page spread for keeping favorite exercises. Broken up by upper body, lower body, cardio, and other. If you get stuck in a routine, check this list to give you a reminder!
- Short- and Long-Term Goal setting
- A table for Body Measurements, with 6 columns to track your progress! Broken down by the most common measurements, with room for extras
- A lined page for reflecting on what you love about yourself
- A blank list for Favorite Self-Care Habits
- A list of Self-Care Ideas
- "Parking Lot" pages for any other information you want to keep handy.

- A motivational saying, hand-lettered by the two of us!
- A blank monthly calendar starts each month for a bigger picture view
- 5 Habit Tracking circles to keep yourself in check!
- Gratitude is an Attitude section for jotting down fond moments
- 5 weekly spreads that includes daily:

  • Water tracking
  • Meal tracking (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)
  • Movement
  • Intentions (or use this as a standard "planner" section for appts, to-dos, etc.
  • And weekly: Self Love reflection and Mood, Sleep, and Bowel Movement tracking circles

- Goal check-in and reflection: are you focused on your word? How are things going personally, professionally, with your health, and with your family?

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Our products are COMPLETELY created by us. We design them, buy the supplies we need, print them, cut them, punch and bind them, stamp them, package them, and ship them - just the 2 of us! We work hard to make every single product we produce, and there is so much love in each and every item. Know that when you buy from a small, mom-owned business, you are supporting someone who works very hard to share their passion with the world. Each time we are notified of an order, our day is made. Thank you.

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